Size Chart

Find the perfect size for your beloved companion

Size Chart - Dog Jacket

Find the right size for your loved one

Size weight (dog) chest circumference (cm) length (cm)
1 1.5-3kg 25-34cm 26 cm
2 3-4kg 34-38cm 30 cm
3 4-6kg 38-46cm 35 cm
4 6-11kg 46-52cm 42 cm
5 8-13kg 52-62cm 43 cm
6 12-16kg 62-70cm 52 cm
7 16-31kg 70-80cm 60 cm
8 30-50kg 81-93cm 76 cm


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Size 1

Hey there, I'm Gismo, your Spitz companion! At 4 years young and 2 kg, I might be small, but my energy is boundless. My chest spans 28 cm, and my back measures 25 cm. When I'm sporting my LuminPaws dog jacket, I not only feel safe but also quite stylish. Take a look at how fabulous I look!

Size 2

Hello, I'm Bonny, your 5-year-old buddy! Weighing in at 3.5 kg, I'm light on my paws, but my fur is oh-so-fluffy. My chest is 36 cm wide, and my back extends for 30 cm. In my LuminPaws ensemble, I'm not just safe; I'm a fashionista too. I'm all set for our upcoming adventures!

Size 3

Hi, I'm Henry, proudly serving as the CEO of LuminPaws! At 3 years old and 6 kg, I'm the embodiment of style and adventure. My chest spans 40 cm, and my back is a proud 32 cm long. I wear our products with pride and can't wait to show them off to you. Join me as we embark on thrilling escapades!

Size 4

Greetings, I'm Balu, a fearless Labrador Terrier mix! Although I tip the scales at 12 kg, I'm ready for any adventure that comes my way. My chest measures 53 cm, and my back extends for 35 cm. Together, we can explore the world with my LuminPaws dog jacket—keeping me safe, stylish, and dry in the rain!

Size 5

Bonjour! I'm Samy, the French Bulldog with a heart full of wanderlust. Weighing 15 kg, I'm ready to take on the world. My chest spans 62 cm, and my back measures 42 cm. Let's embark on an exploration together while I stay warm and stylish in my LuminPaws dog jacket, even in the rain!

Size 6

Hello everyone! I'm Jula, a cheerful mix of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie. My chest circumference is a proud 70 cm, and with my 20 kg and a substantial back length of 52 cm, I'm optimally prepared for every adventure. Due to my lush, fluffy fur, the jacket might already snug a bit at the chest; nevertheless, I maintain unrestricted mobility for all our activities. My curious eyes will delight you. Let's go on a discovery tour together!

Size 7

Hello, I'm Milo, your devoted Labrador companion! At 2 years old and 30 kg, I'm brimming with energy and a sense of adventure. My back length is 60 cm, and my chest measures a grand 78 cm—making me the ultimate partner for all our outdoor expeditions. Rain or shine, my LuminPaws dog jacket keeps me warm, stylish, and visible, ensuring our safety as we explore together!

Size chart collar

Find the right size for your loved one

Size Neck circumference (cm) width (cm) weight (g)
1 28-38cm 2 cm 37g
2 34-41cm 2,5 cm 50g
3 37-46cm
2,5 cm
4 41-52cm
2,5 cm
5 42-56cm 2,5 cm 60g