About us

"Your dog deserves visibility - LuminPaws makes it possible."

Our Story

Welcome - we are Oguzhan and Kai, longtime friends and founders of LuminPaws.

Not long ago, Kai moved to Frankfurt am Main with his girlfriend and decided to adopt a dog named Henry. Henry, a sweet and lively Dachshund, filled our lives with joy and love. However, we quickly realized that city life as a dog owner comes with its own challenges. Traffic and the danger of dog poisons became constant concerns. But when we searched for high-quality, reflective clothing for dogs, we were disappointed to find mostly dull warning vests reminiscent of car accidents.

When Kai shared these problems with Oguzhan, we both knew we wanted to make a change:

With our expertise in digital marketing and the support of Oguzhan's family, who have years of experience in the textile industry, we embarked on a mission to provide stylish protection for nighttime walks.

Thus, the idea for the LuminFur dog jacket was born. We made countless attempts to find the perfect fabric and the highest quality, and now we proudly present our dog jacket. But we didn't want to leave dog owners out either. That's why we developed accessories that allow them to perfectly match their own style with that of their dog.

This is how the idea for the LuminFur dog jacket came about. After countless attempts to find the perfect fabric and quality, we are proud to present our dog jacket. But it was also important to us that dog owners are not left out. That is why we have developed accessories with which you can perfectly match your own style with that of your dog.

Our Mission

LuminPaws goes beyond just a dog accessory store. Our calling is to enhance the lives of city dogs and their parents. We aim to not only increase visibility but also address the everyday concerns of dog owners. That's why we offer not only functional but also stylish and modern products. Every dog is unique, which is why we have a wide range of products to cater to each one's needs.

With top-notch materials and our commitment to safety and style, we create a better world for dog owners and their furry companions.

Let's light up the world together - with LuminPaws.