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Reflective Dog Jackets

Products - LuminFur Dog Jacket

Dive into the world of safety and style with our reflective dog jackets. The LuminFur Dog Jacket not only provides protection against the cold but also ensures that your loyal companion is always highly visible. Whether in matching outfits or as an individual statement, our jackets combine functionality and fashionable appeal.

Glowing Dog Collars and Leashes

Products - LuminHalo LED Neck Ring, LuminCollar LED Collar, LuminLeash LED Dog Leash, LuminLeash Flex Flexible Dog Leash

Maximize safety in the dark with our glowing dog collars and leashes. From LuminHalo LED Neck Ring to the flexible LuminLeash – each product is designed to increase visibility and add a touch of style to your dog.

Matching Accessories for Dog Owners

Products - LuminTummy Fanny Bag, Lumin Sportpack Backpack, Lumin Daypack Backpack

Stylishly on the go together! Our matching accessories for dogs and owners let you and your four-legged friend shine in harmony. Partnerlook for dog and owner. From the practical LuminTummy Waist Bag to the spacious Lumin Daypack Backpack – our accessories are not only functional but also fashionable statements.

Useful Dog Essentials

Products - LuminBrush Pet Hair Remover, LuminDogCup Water Bottle, LuminTag Case AirTag Holder

Explore the variety of our practical dog essentials at LuminPaws! From the LuminBrush Pet Hair Remover to the LuminDogCup Water Bottle.

Our leak-proof dog water bottle is an indispensable on-the-go accessory for four-legged friends. The foldable or retractable dog water bottle is perfect for outdoor adventures and travels with your loyal companion.

Our innovative AirTag holders for dogs provide additional security during travels. The LuminTag Case allows you to securely attach your AirTag to the collar, providing a reliable dog tracking system.

Discover at LuminPaws, where safety meets style – be a trendsetter and enjoy every moment with your best friend in a perfect partnerlook! Our dog accessories are not only functional but also the ideal gift for dog lovers who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their furry companions on the go.